Benefits of living in an apartment with no common walls

In cities like Kochi, living in an apartment has become the preferred form of living. As the demand for flats in Kochi grows, there are fewer possibilities for privacy in residential areas. As a result, it's critical to choose an apartment with no shared walls. Here's what living in an apartment with no common walls entails: 

Privacy can be enjoyed at its best 

Living in apartments with no shared walls gives you complete privacy and the sensation of being in an independent house with no shared wall to transmit sound. There will not be any interference caused due to sound from other apartments and, hence privacy can be enjoyed at its best. 

Natural ventilation 

Homes designed with no common walls have multiple entry points that ensure an uninterrupted flow of air inside the apartment. The free flow of air inside each unit refreshes the room and prevents stale and heated air from accumulating inside, and maintains comfortable, fresh, and natural ventilation by pushing out the stale air. 

Noise-free living 

We tend to feel adrift when we arrive home after a long day and if our home is uncomfortable or noisy. You can enjoy a quiet, noise-free living in no common wall apartments as they keep out all the unwanted noises and prevent sharing and transmitting sound from one apartment to another. 

Natural illumination 

Apartments with no common walls have entry points?that offer better and improved natural lighting conditions. The apartment will have adequate lighting, which will create a warm, homey, and welcoming atmosphere inside during the daytime. The residents of apartments with no common walls with natural light and additional eco-friendly lighting features help reduce power consumption. 


Homebuyers should choose apartments with no sharing of walls to enjoy individual living in your apartment with your loved ones with utmost privacy and peace of mind. 

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